Some dogs come into the shelter and based on their behavior, and the marks on their bodies, we wonder just how much they’ve seen and had to endure. One of those dogs is Frasier. When he arrived at AAC as an owner-surrender, it was clear he did not have much life experience and was very reactive to other dogs. Frasier is a healthy, older gentleman (estimated to be about 11-years-old) and the shelter is likely the most stable place he’s ever lived. We hate the thought that Frasier could live his last years and die alone in a shelter kennel.

Despite all of this, Frasier is a truly amazing dog. You can see how happy he is in this video:

Frasier has many volunteer friends at the shelter who all have wonderful things to say about him, like:

-Frasier combines the vulnerability of a puppy with the dignified wisdom of an older gentleman.

-Frasier doesn’t care if it’s pouring down rain, a sweltering 100 degrees outside, or he’s having to trek through 2 feet of snow… if he’s with a friend, that little tail is wagging!

-His little tippy tapping feet when he sees me approaching his kennel… it reminds me why I volunteer.

Please help us get Frasier home. If you’re interested in adopting Frasier, email his volunteer advocates to learn more about him: And if you aren’t in a position to adopt him, please share this post. Thank you